Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a big party can be a complex logistical operation. As well as a great performance we will do our very best to make dealing with us a smooth and helpful experience.Booking a band for a big party is something many people might only do once a decade, or once a lifetime for a wedding. We’re committed to making your day perfect. Here’s some questions we’re often asked when preparing for events:

How do I book the band?

Email or call/text Paul on 07984452441. We’ll get back to you asap and we can work out a price based on your requirements

How far will you travel?
The band is based in South East London but we’ll travel anywhere in the UK or abroad if budget allows. Anywhere that requires over significant driving or an overnight stay will mean travel and accommodation costs need to be factored into the quote.
How long do you play for?
Usually our first set lasts 45 minutes and our second set lasts 1 hour. We can play for more or less time if that’s what you need.
Do I need a DJ as well?
We’re happy to provide a ‘playlist disco’ through our sound system during set up, break and packing away. We can use your playlist or ours and you can even plug your MP3 player into our PA system if you like. Our playlist can be all 90s or non-90s. Whatever you like.Often at past events clients have taken requests from their guests in advance and then emailed us a playlist. This ensures people’s favourite songs our heard on the night. We’re very busy during setup, break and packing away so we can’t be manning the playlist and taking requests. There’s a lot of benefits to having a DJ as well. They can take requests, mix between songs and react to the crowd. We’ve worked with some excellent DJs over the years and would be happy to recommend some to you.
Can we use your PA for speeches?
Yes, that’s no problem. We can easily move a microphone and speaker to your top table area and then move it back when you’re finished.
What time will you arrive?
We’ll be aiming to arrive about 18:30 for a 21:30 performance start. This gives us plenty of time to get the equipment set up and have something to eat.
Will you need food?
Yes if possible but we’re not fussy. Its always very appreciated by the band if there is some hot food available after a long drive. There’s currently two vegetarians in the band. If its a catered event then its very appreciated if a light meal could be organised for the band. If its a non-catered event that’s no problem either. Just as long as we know what to plan for.
What time do you start?
We’re a high energy dance band and we don’t really do backing music. As such we don’t recommend starting the band too early. 21:00 or 21.30 is perfect, depending when you need to finish.
What time do you finish?
Usually 11.30 or midnight, depending on the start time. Again we can be flexible.
Can you play our first dance live?
If you want the first dance live then we have 2 options: Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer and Time of Your Life by Green Day. These work well with our singer’s voices and band line-up. If you have another song in mind then we would recommend playing it from CD/MP3 just before the band starts the first set. We’re a great band but if you’re attached to a particular song then you’re attached to that recording, its going to work better off CD. If you really really want to hear your favourite song performed live then we can talk about it in advance of the show and work out how much rehearsal time that will take and whether we can do it justice.
How much electricity do you need?
Despite our retro music our equipment is very modern. Our lights and speakers don’t draw more amps than a single plug socket can deliver.In real terms its nicest for us to have a few plug sockets on each side of the stage. If you’re running a marquee then a extension lead to a house power supply is fine. If the marquee comes with a professional generator then we can run off that. Smaller generators can be risky in terms of not starting and running out of power during the night.
Do you need a 'stage'?
Not really. We’ve played in the tiniest of venues in the past. We can use a corner or take over the side of a room. Its nicer if we have a raised stage though. We do a lot of audience participation in the show, its much easier to do this if we have a bigger stage area. If its a marquee please think about the state of the ground under the band’s performance area. Its very hard to setup music equipment on uneven ground and affects the performance.
Can my sister/friend/guest sing a song?
Yes absolutely. We already have spots for ‘bandioke’ in the show where we make girl-bands and rap groups out of audience members. There are other songs where we get people onstage to join in, musical talent not required. If someone wants to sing a particular song then we can sort that out as well. Perhaps you would like a friend to sing your first dance song or someone in the family with a particular talent would like to dedicate a song to the birthday boy/girl. We’d be very happy to accommodate this. However, its better if the person organising the night arranges this with the band. If we get a (drunk) stranger walking over and asking to sing with us or take over the microphone its probably going to be a no.